When carrying out activities for children, their SMILE always leads us to a path of happiness!

It’s so good to see a child smile, it’s so good to see a child play and have fun without worries.kidspark_climbing

The employees of an organization/entity that works with this age group, will always have the happiness and privilege to do so with this fantastic background.

For this reason, all people, monitors, teachers have the responsibility to make children learn, experience and experience new moments and let them continue to be happy, with the responsibility to be safe.

Perhaps the pandemic has made this mission more difficult, but in my opinion, it should not be a reason for us not to make a child experience and play. On the contrary (and the great CHALLENGE is this, although more difficult), to create the conditions for our children to play and learn in safety.


Safe Facial Paintings

Our obligation

It is our obligation not to let the pandemic take away the happiness and joy of our children! Childhood times are unique and by definition – unrepeatable. Time doesn’t turn back…

Thus, at this time of pandemic, not knowing how long, it is essential to follow all the recommendations of the DGS and sometimes go even further…

It is essential that all “agents” in the educational process and/or who are directly involved in the construction of personalities and behaviors throughout a child’s childhood, have the responsibility to self-monitor and have safe behaviors even when they are not in the presence of kids. It seems that most of us can even be asymptomatic or have very little symptoms and if we have little attention they can even go unnoticed.

What should we do

It is imperative not to have risky behaviors even in our personal life, especially in contact with other people or spaces


Entry control in Animactiva KidsPark

frequented by other people. We must avoid contact with many people (only those that are strictly necessary), regular hand disinfection, complying with respiratory etiquette rules, with the mask being essential in everyday life. We should not forget about regular analysis of possible indicators such as measuring body temperature, dry cough, lack of taste or smell, shortness of breath or inexplicable tiredness.

When carrying out activities/classes/plays and whenever in contact with children, we have the obligation to continue to carry out all the recommendations mentioned above. We must comply with all DGS standards. Therefore, good planning and proactive supervision in carrying out the activity/class/exercise are essential, so that our children can always be in maximum safety, and … be HAPPY!

The seal “Clean & Safe

For all these points explained and because for us SAFETY has always been our concern and also our brand image, in Animactiva’s activities for children and facilities there is strict compliance with the protocol.“Clean & Safe”. Certified by Turismo de Portugal, this seal defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures. For our part, we scrupulously comply with the requirements defined by Turismo de Portugal, in accordance with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Health.

We also made that all of our monitors performed certified training in safety and sanitation regarding the SARS-Cov-2 (Covid-19) outbreak, making it easier to comply with all the rules present in our protocols.

January 13, 2021
Teacher Paulo Bidarra
Managing Partner Animactiva