No one will be able to remain indifferent… to the “Dog Serra da Estrela”, always very playful and waiting for the usual parties and games… for the unique taste of the Cheese Serra da Estrela, with the possibility of numerous visits to places, uses and customs associated with this gastronomic gem… to the beauty and simplicity of the pieces made in burel, it is essential to know its “modus operandi”, even with the existence of many manual processes in its manufacture!
But your visit to Serra da Estrela cannot be limited to the mountain. On its edge there are cities, towns and villages that deserve special attention. The city of Covilhã stands out, for example, intrinsically linked to wool work and the industrial culture of woolen fabrics that were developed here for centuries. This city is also known today for urban art, a different way of telling the story of the “factory city”, with a visit to immense murals, where various artists expressed, through authentic works of art, their vision of history , uses and traditions of the city. This route, known as “Woolfest“, is a priority visit and must be on your agenda.


Serra da Estrela is known as the “sea of snow and ice”, however, in summer, it presents itself with a totally different “face”! Its numerous lakes and waterfalls of clear, pure and untouchable water, allow moments of leisure and contact with nature, unparalleled in Portugal. Its numerous lakes and waterfalls of clear, pure and untouchable water, allow moments of leisure and contact with nature, unparalleled in Portugal.
But lagoons are not alone! Exploring the various water courses that flow through the valleys, the river beaches on their slopes are incomparably recognized for their scenic beauty and tranquility, providing moments of pure relaxation and safety, which you won’t find on any other river beach in the country.

Did you know that Covilhã has the biggest Laser Tag Arena in the Iberian Peninsula?
With more than 100 obstacles and a futuristic setting, with a ground floor, tunnel and a high platform, it is the perfect place for moments of pure adrenaline and fun. This game is performed using blasters that shoot infrared beams (laser), always in maximum safety.
They are always unique and unforgettable moments!


In mainland Portugal, this is the most emblematic and imposing mountain to walk! Being the largest natural park in the country, and with several protected and unique habitats, it was recently elected “Estrela Geopark Mundial” by Unesco. Its variety, between alpine, Atlantic and Mediterranean climate, gives this mountain completely different and unique scenarios, making the days of hiking and visiting … never the same!
It is a region with ancestral traditions, marked by shepherds and their sheep, the traditional work of wool and for being the “cradle” of one of the 7 gastronomic wonders of Portugal: the Serra da Estrela cheese. It is also the region in Portugal with the largest number of historic and medieval villages.
All these unique and unforgettable moments are not to be missed!!!



At Animactiva, based in Covilhã, we have local guides who will guide you with all security and knowledge to the fantastic lagoons and waterfalls of Serra da Estrela.

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