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Events outdoor

For small or large outdoor spaces, for party committees, fairs of endogenous products, municipalities, businesses, individuals, specific events, stay here to discover our options for events outdoor.


A game that combines teamwork, strategy, adventure and lots of action in a constant surge of adrenaline in each player. Played outdoors, in fields, woods, forests or urban spaces, with the aim of developing in practitioners team spirit, individual responsibility, leadership and decision-making under pressure, requiring quick reactions and strategic thinking. This activity includes all the essential material for its safety and functioning.

Ideal activity for associations or party committees, since in this case there will be no costs for the service, as we have the option of the amount being charged to participants. All material, field set-up, competitive scheme and referees are included.

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Bubble Soccer

All the emotion of “very special” and fun football. Equipped with “giant inflatable balls”, the fun is guaranteed!

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Human Table Football

Inflatable for young people and adults. Nice way to organize a “football” tournament without a lot of “rushing” and in a very fun way.

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Target shooting

Target shooting with bow, crossbow, blowgun, slingshot and paintball marker.

These are activities with centuries of existence, but their practice has been lost over time. They require a lot of precision and concentration.

Imagine the pleasure it is felt to see arrows, darts and darts go out at great speed and reach a target, at various distances. Also experience shooting a paintball marker.

Water balls for outdoor events

Get inside an inflatable ball and go through the water course inside it. This activity provides moments of great fun. Many somersaults and “tumbles” until reaching the goal. To carry out this activity, you need a water mirror (swimming pool, lake, stream).

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traditional games

All teambuilding or leisure component, through games that emphasize contact with nature combined with strategy and team spirit.

Rope pull game, mesh, petanque, blind goat, monkey, sack race, ball ace cans, break the pitcher, flour game, balloons, ball and goal games, relays, mazes, scarf game, among many others .

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Mechanical bull for outdoor events

Try to stay on top of our bull for as long as possible. Ideal for competitions between work groups or at popular parties.

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Rappel, climbing and slide

Extreme activities to give an irreverent spirit to your event.

This rope activity consists of starting from the base of a rock or something vertical and reaching the top, crossing several obstacles. The practitioner climbs through the bumps to reach his goal, that is, the top.
A vertical activity performed with the use of ropes and suitable equipment for crossing obstacles and descending walls or other uneven places, complying with all safety rules.
This activity consists of a fast descent, with a lot of adrenaline and emotion, where the practitioner slides along a stretched steel cable with some slope, using some climbing equipment as support material.
Ideal for when natural conditions do not allow for climbing, abseiling and/or slide activities. Includes the mounting of a wall approximately 7 meters high and all the essential material for safety.
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In this one rope balancing activity, an athlete delivers a breathtaking performance with a great visual and audience impact.

With the best practitioners of the sport at national and European level. Be amazed to see all the tricks and stunts… breathtaking!

In this case, it can also be used for teambuilding events, monitoring and training will be provided in the initiation of the activity. In an initial phase, the activity consists of looking for a balance to go through a tape and stay on top of the tape for as long as possible. This service may also include a demonstration of activity by our expert monitors.

Air bungee

To carry out this activity, a light point close to the location is required. Through 4 ways (elastic beds) and with the help of mechanical and elastic means, experience the jump to its fullest. Perform stunts, jump higher, unique experience for children and adults.

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Organization and legalization of events

Organization and legalization of Off-road Tours

To organize an event with TT vehicles, you need to have tourist entertainment license and civil liability and personal accident insurance according to values regulated by the following legislation….

Our license (Alvará nº 47/2011 – RNT (ITP) allows us to carry out and organize these activities.

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Magic Shows and “Roaming” Magic.

In the magic show, the sound system (250 W) and a wireless microphone are included (note: depending on the location, more power may be needed to hear the magician better – ask us for a quote if you think more sound is relevant), and does not include stage set-up or decoration (ask us for this quote if necessary). Variable duration and number of shows depending on your objectives.

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Circus Arts

Stilts, juggling and fire shows.

Ideal for summer party animation and any type of street entertainment. From stilt animators, juggling and fire shows, with spitters, fire jugglers, extras and themed characters. We have several options of professional animators in this area.

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Support for events

Assembly of stage trucks with radio frequency equipment, mini stages and/or sound, lighting, robotics and space decoration services, smoke machines, soap bubble machines, musical bands and other live musicians, fanfares, among many others .

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Fireworks and trapped fire

Cascades, fountains, torches, sparklers, fire technician always present.

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Decoration and balloon drops

To give joy and color to the event or the entrance to the space. Various colors, shapes, themes and sizes. Latex, foil, neon and illuminated (led) balloons. We also have balloon arches to make a “fantastic” entry into space.

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