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Birthday parties and other animations

For us, any event, whether small or large, will always be a very SPECIAL event with the same importance. Any event is built to provide unique and unforgettable moments to the participants, and always in accordance with the client’s objective and needs. Our CHILDREN and YOUTH ANIMATION services, as well as our BIRTHDAY PARTIES are no exception. Always carried out in maximum safety, we inform you that for CHILDREN’S birthday parties we have our own space, Animactiva KidsPark in Covilhã and we also have birthday parties service for HOME or outdoor spaces, including for YOUTH and ADULTS.

Complying with all the safety and sanitation protocols of the structures and we go to ANY POINT in the COUNTRY. ALL our activities include SPECIALIZED ANIMATORS with many years of experience, many of them currently working in teaching. All our activities also include insurance for all participants (required by law).

SAFETY and QUALITY are our brand hallmarks!

Ask us what you want so we can create some packs that meet your wishes and needs.
Our children’s entertainment goes through different types of service, taking into account the specificity of the group, the intended objective, the available time and possible space:


For all the possibilities, check out our section of inflatables.

Know more about inflatables

Mascots and Disguises

We shape the imagination of the little ones with their favorite characters. Find out more about our mascots and disguises.

Learn more about Mascots

Facial painting, balloon modeling and circus arts

Facial painting, balloon modeling and/or juggling or fire, performed by our animators. If you wish, they can appear dressed as clowns or princesses to carry out the activity. There is still, with some advance, the possibility of the costume being in accordance with another theme or doll. Our face paints are the best on the market, being completely hypo-allergenic and easily washable. The paintings will also be made by a specialized monitor trained in arts and drawing.

There is still, with some advance, the possibility of the costume being in accordance with another theme or doll. Our face paints are the best on the market, being completely hypo-allergenic and easily washable. The paintings will also be made by a specialized monitor trained in arts and drawing.

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Clown theater & puppet show

Possibility of being performed by 1 or 2 animators. Ask us for the themes and pieces that we have available, to frame the story/play with the ages in question.

With some advance notice, there is also the possibility of creating a new theme/story, according to your goals and needs.

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Children’s illusionism with TANGERINE animator (doll)

One more Animative news. The character “Tangerina”, a very amusing figure, will make an animation with children’s illusionism, lots of games and games with the children. Fun is assured! Includes balloon modeling, making this animation have a duration of approximately 1h30.

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Always in maximum safety, as our trampolines have safety nets. Children love to jump!

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Disguise Chest

Let’s be part of the children’s imagination and make them PLAY on the themes that children like the most.

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Children’s mini park with houses and slides

Bring to you an “imaginary city” with houses, mini-bikes, slides, swings, and some games and soft toys.

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Babysitting Service

As a support for our activities or at home. Leave your child in our care. This service can include some activities, for example, balloon modeling, drawing and painting, watching movies, games, among others, varying with the age and number of children. All our monitors who develop this service are licensed and have experience as teachers in schools and kindergartens.

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Paintings and drawings panel

With monitors trained in art and drawing, with a playful or learning nature, children will be able to make their own drawings, free or according to a proposed theme, using colored pencils, pens or crayons. At the end, the drawings will be displayed on a panel. Possibility of placing awards for the best.

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Themed decoration

With this service you can transform your event into a themed party, for example: Superman, Frozen, Minnie, Mickey, among others. From glasses, plates, themed towels, themed birthday cake… ask us for a quote for what you want. Invitations in digital format (free of charge) can also be made according to the chosen theme.

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Balloon decoration (also bows)

Add more color to your party location. We have plain balloons in different colors, sizes and shapes, themed balloons, light balloons, large balloons with numbers or letters, with or without helium filling. We also have table arches or arches for the entrance to the space.

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Dropping balloons to the sky

Various colors, various shapes, with or without LED. Filled with 100% helium. Note: Our balloons are fully biodegradable.

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Ambient music for kids

Because ambient sound transforms a party, this service will allow you to create an atmosphere of animation in any event. The sound will be placed according to the size of the event, and the minimum we will present will be 250 W of sound, with the biggest children’s hits!

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Photo report on DVD

We will record all the best moments of the event, and offer a montage with musical accompaniment on DVD.

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Children’s disco with dancing & karaoke

Take a children’s disco to your home or to your space. With black light, robotics, image projection, choreography and lots of dancing.

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Treasure Hunt with or without guidance

Indoor or outdoor, with an imaginary story and through the interpretation of clues, the group will be divided into teams, which will have to go through different stations.

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Goals to play football

Football… an “out of the world” activity that children love! We can take you wherever you need to. We have different types and sizes of football goals.

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Target shooting

Several options and always with maximum security. We have the option of shooting with BLOWER (Blow), BOW of different sizes, BEAST for children and adults, STRIPPER and PAINTBALL MARKER.

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Traditional and fun (or children’s) games

Taking into account the age of the participants, we will present the available games. From the “sack race”, to “wooden skis”, to “balance games”, through to “physical exercise courses”, and also fun games such as the “handkerchief” game, the “hunter” game, the game of “kills”… among many others! Ask us for the options, taking into account your age group.

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Thematic Workshops

Lots of possibilities to meet your goals! We have several workshops of DRAMATIC Expression (for example construction of puppets and production of plays, performances…), PLASTIC (for example construction of masks, or workshop “paint your t-shirt”, balloon sculpture, …) and SPORTS (games).

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Paintball kids (children from 7 to 13 years old)

Possibility for children to experience the paintball activity through a very fun game, made with appropriate material/adapted to the age group (vests, markers and balls) and always carried out in maximum safety. The service includes setting up an obstacle course if necessary.

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Organization of children’s birthday parties – Animativa KidsPark and partner spaces OR home

Possibility of carrying out all the activities listed above, according to your goals and needs. If you don’t have space to hold the party, you can do it in our Animativa KidsPark or in a space with our partner (ask us for their conditions).

We may also provide a snack and/or birthday cake service. There is also the possibility of transforming the party into a themed party, through themed decoration. Any birthday party will include specialized monitors at the rate of 1 for every 14 children, mandatory by law., a photographic CD of the party (as a gift for the birthday person) and a free invitation in digital format, when contracting the services presented.

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