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We want you to share with us and experience a whole universe of gastronomic products and traditions associated with Serra da Estrela and the Historic Villages that surround it. There are vast programs available to you 365 days a year, with different themes and experiences to enjoy.

We work with the best partners, who will be happy to show you all our secrets, always with maximum SAFETY, with QUALITY being one of our main pillars. Come with us and LIVE the best days in our region!

Mining legacy

“Themed and exciting trip to the interior of the earth…All year round”

It’s an experience for a lifetime… A visit with a very strong historical and rural component, in a unique and innovative project in the country, now converted into a tourist spot.

We are going to visit the inside of a mine, including all the mineralogical, geological and biological technical explanation. With this program we include the offer, inside the mine, of a fantastic homemade ginjinha. The program will then continue with the observation of the chimneys of the mine galleries. Ainda antes de terminar esta experiência inolvidável, terá mais uma oferta de um brinde de recordação do projeto mineiro.

As an OPTIONAL, it is possible to taste local products or hold a “Miner’s Lunch” (for groups) inside the galleries of the mines. You certainly don’t want to miss this opportunity to try this rare program and be a real miner for a few hours!

This program is not suitable for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

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Traditional farmhouse in Serra da Estrela

“Experiencing traditions in a typical mountain farm…All year round”

In an area of tranquility and in full communion with the countryside, with the landscape marked by the magnificence of Serra da Estrela, let’s get to know the HERD of the farm and live with the PASTOR, a symbol of the Serra da Estrela region, with which we will live and listen to the “picturesque stories” that he himself has to tell us.

We watched the mechanical milking of the herd and visited the unique and exclusive artisan cheese production room.

And as in any farm, the gastronomic component cannot be forgotten. We have for you the “Merenda do Pastor”, a unique moment of socializing in the company of gastronomic products produced on the farm. A real temptation…

Finally, we have a complement to this fantastic experience. As an OPTIONAL, there is the possibility of a “country lunch” on the farm, in a rural and very familiar environment. This will be the icing on the cake!

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let’s gather mushrooms

“To meet and learn in the company of a biologist…from October to December”

In the middle of nature and on the edge of Serra da Estrela, we started our adventure with a thematic activity of reconnaissance and mushroom collection, with the presentation of our biologist and mycology specialist.

In the first part, as an introduction, the biologist will give a more complete and formative view of mycology, namely: what mushrooms are, how they are found, how they are distinguished, how they are collected, their physiognomic characteristics and curiosities.

Then we start our collection, picking / collecting mushrooms in the woods, always in close contact with nature.

In the end, all the mushrooms collected will be placed on a table, where you will have the opportunity to identify and put into practice some of the lessons learned in the first part.

To end this fantastic experience, as an OPTIONAL, there’s nothing better than experiencing a “Magusto Beirão” with the beautiful chestnuts from Serra da Estrela and the delicious homemade Jeropiga. It will undoubtedly be something great!

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Cova da Beira / Fundão Cherry Picking

“Cherry picking and tasting of organic products…from May to July”

One of the most refined local gastronomic products, which is today the symbol of a region of Cova da Beira, which knew how to take advantage of the quality of its land and climate. The expertise of its people has led to a gastronomic reference product, which is already a tourist landmark in the region and is beginning to be a product that culturally and socially identifies this region.

Themed activity in a PRIVATE traditional farm, including:

  • Explanation about all the cherry theme and the species existing on the property.
  • Delivery of a cuvette / person (1 kg) for customers to pick up cherry. You can eat as many cherries as you like.
  • Purchase of cherry already packaged and selected. Available in a 2kg box. (Optional)
  • Tasting tasting of locally produced liqueurs and jams. (Included)

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Edible wild plants and medicinal plants

“To meet and learn in the company of a biologist…from March to May”

In Nature there is always something more to discover! In addition to the colors and perfumes, we also find surprising FLAVORS and TASTES in small herbs, bushes or trees. To taste, or simply to cure, there is a whole new discovery to be made in our biodiversity.

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Let’s go to the snow

“The Estrela landscape with snow games….December to April”

The prime snow spot in Portugal… awaits us!!!

Jokes and lots of fun await those who want to spend a very special day.

On this trip to NEVE, the program also includes tasting of local products and a guided visit to some of the most interesting scenic spots.

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Staged Visits

“A different way of getting to know…All year round”

A visit staged with historical recreations and guided by characters who lead the group along a JOURNEY BETWEEN CENTURIES.

A visit based on a narrative through which the various events unfold, based on recreations with characters and historical moments.

Let yourself be led through history, time and space, in a cultural experience… and fun! This program is aimed at groups and can be carried out in any historic center or other location, as long as it is booked in advance.

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